Getting married are you? Great! I just happen to be a photographer who loves shooting weddings. Located on the shore of Ocean county in Brick Township, NJ, I have been shooting weddings and portraits for nearly a decade. Continue scrolling to view some of my work and for information on my services.




When I'm not working, I love nothing more than grabbing my camera, jumping in my car and seeing what I can find to put in front of my lens!

Wedding day photography starting at $3,000

Includes the following:

  • Full day coverage (no hourly limits) with Taj and a 2nd shooter
  • All final images fully processed for color, exposure, etc.
  • Images delivered via a private online gallery. Print ordering and file downloads available through the gallery.
  • Custom USB flash drive containing all the final files.

Albums and other print products may be added a la carte.

Small Events (birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.): $200/hr.

  • All final images fully processed for color, exposure, etc.
  • Images delivered via a private online gallery. Print ordering and file downloads available through the gallery.

Portraits & Engagement Sessions: $150/hr.

  • All final images fully processed for color, exposure, etc.
  • Images delivered via a private online gallery. Print ordering and file downloads available through the gallery.

A Wee Bit About Me


   I was very young when I had my first encounter with a camera. My dad had a 35mm camera with a telephoto lens that I swore was a mile long! Many shots were taken with that camera; camping trips, birthdays and even air shows. I was always fascinated with that camera... but was never allowed to touch it.

   Many years later in the fall of 2000, inspired by an old friend, I purchased my first camera; a Minolta AF50, a cheap 35mm point-and-shoot sold in a plastic blister pack hanging from a rack at the local electronics store. Many shots were taken with this camera as well, capturing memories as well as trying to develop an artistic eye for photography.

   Some years later I would upgrade to my first digital camera. I was the webmaster for a friend's band and after deciding that they needed more photos for their site (and better ones!), I added photographer to my list of duties. Around the same time, I found myself endlessly taking photos during a day trip through Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. This trip would solidify my love of photography.

   Now armed with over a decade of experience (as well as a big boy camera!), I've decided to offer up my skills to you! Take a peek at my work and drop me a line!


What is your turn around time? For albums?

- My contract states approximately 90 days from the wedding date. However, I usually deliver earlier than that. The 90 day quote gives me a little wiggle room incase I become ill, have computer trouble, get backed up with other work, etc. If for some reason it will take me longer than 90 days I will be sure to notify you of the delay.

Albums are another story. Once all the photos have been delivered, I will begin work on a rough draft of the album. When the rough draft is completed, I will send you a link where you can view it and request any changes. Since I need a little input from you about how the album is laid out, and the fact that we might go through a few different revisions, I can't guarantee how quickly the album(s) will be finished. But if you're timely in getting back to me, it shouldn't take more than an additional 60 days or so.

What kind of albums do you offer?

- My albums come in 4 sizes; 12x12", 10x0", 8x8" and 4x4", with either leather or linen covers. Engraving of the cover is also available. I have sample albums that I'd be happy to show you.

How many images do you deliver?

- The final tally on images depends on the kid of day I'm shooting. The longer the day, the more images I'm likely to shoot. For a typical wedding day, I usually deliver between 500-800 images.

Do you backup your files?

- Yes! I have multiple on-site backup drives as well as online cloud storage for my files. Your photos are immediately backed up after your wedding, and periodically while I am editing.

Will I be able to see any of my photos before final delivery?

- Oh you betcha! While I'm busy processing your photos, I periodically post a selection of them on Facebook as well as my blog.

What is your payment schedule? What forms of payment do you accept? Do you charge tax?

- I like to keep things simple. I usually do a 50/50 split: 50% of the total contract amount is due when we sign the contract, the remaining 50% is due when we hold our final meeting (usually 30 days prior to your wedding date. I also do a 25/25/50 split; 25% due with the contract, 25% due about half way to your wedding date, and the final 50% due at the final meeting. Of course I am am open to other payment plans. I want to make it as easy as I can for you!

I accept personal checks, credit cards and cash. I do not offer a cash discount. All prices are subject to NJ state sales tax (gotta keep Uncle Sam happy).

Will we be able to meet with you before our wedding date?

- Absolutely! In fact I insist on it. Our final meeting will take place about 30 days before your wedding date. During this meeting we will go over every hour of the day, discussing how each part of the day will go. I will write down a detailed itinerary that I can follow during the day so that everything goes smoothly. And if any red flags come up during this meeting, it should give us enough time to rearrange things if needed.

Are you insured?

- Yes! And if requested I can provide a certificate of insurance to the venue.

What happens if you can't shoot my wedding?

- I would have to be on death's doorstep to miss your wedding! However, if for some reason I am absolutely unable to shoot your wedding, I am part of large network of professional photographers that I can reach out to to cover me.

What is your shooting style?

- I am a candid/photojournalistic photographer. I'm usually standing out of the way, watching the scene and capturing those special moments as they happen. I don't micromanage every shot. I may once in a while ask you to just shoot me a quick smile, and of course I'll give directions during actual posed formal/group shots, but aside from that, I want you and everyone around you to be as natural and in the moment as possible so that the pictures look natural... not forced.

What's your favorite part of the wedding day? What is your favorite time of the year to shoot a wedding?

- It's hard to pick out what part of the day is my favorite. Preparations are always fun. The beginning of the day is always filled with that nervous excitement. Doing portraits allows me to get creative, especially when we're in a unique location which always gets me excited. I guess the reception is probably my favorite part of the day. By then all the hard stuff is out of the way, everyone can unwind and get some food in their bellies... and then it's time to party! That's when the REAL fun happens... thanks alcohol!! ;)

My favorite time of the year to shoot is easy... the fall! I love the cool weather, and if the timing is right, the changing color of the leaves makes for fantastic photos!

Do you drink alcohol on the job?

- NEVER! You don't want your photos to come out all blurry now do you? I may join you for a beer at the very end of the night though.

Will you be my actual photographer?

Yes! I personally shoot every wedding I book. My second shooter will vary depending on who is available to tag along with me, but I bring along someone who has a similar shooting style. This assures that all your photos have a cohesive look.

Can I give you a shot list?

Sure! In fact I encourage it if there are very specific shots that you want me to get (Grandma who you rarely get to see, friends from out of town, Uncle Bill doing his signature keg stand, etc.).

What can I do with my photos?

You can do pretty much what you wish with your photos; make prints, share them with others and make backup copies. The only thing you can't do is edit them beyond what I have already done. My work is my calling card, so I would like to keep them as they are presented to you.

Do you bring your own lights?

- Yes, and I use them as the situation calls for them.

How do you dress?

- FABULOUSLY! Jokes aside, dress shirt and tie, black dress pants and dress shoes. If it's going to be a particularly hot day, I'll swap out the dress shirt for a more comfortable polo.






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